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Interclub TT vs Redhill CC – ACC Win

Tuesday evening on the hilly GS335 circuit between Bletchingly and Godstone was the site of the annual ACC vs Redhill CC inter-club TT. 15 or so riders from each club take on the 10.6 mile course with the fastest 6 riders from each club having their times added together. Lowest aggregate time wins the bragging rights for the next 12 months.

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Surrey League H/capp 11/06/2015

Race report by George Brent
Was the only ACC rider at the handicap last night, was a warm beautiful summers evening with slight easterly breeze which made for tailwind up the finish straight.
10 laps of the 3 mile circuit on the menu tonight. Was called into the first group on the road. Off we went around 10 of us. As we started riding one chap said “we might as well take it easy until  we get caught” YEAH RIGHT so to the front I came and wound it up.
The first couple of laps 3 others were taking the odd pull but I was doing the lions share.
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Club 10 TT

Back to the Holmwood course (G10/42) for the second club 10 of the season a much larger field this time of 20 riders including at least 5 ACC members doing their first TT and guest 4 riders from other clubs (Old Portlians, Bespoke CC, Ingear Trainsharp and Paceline RT).

With a strong wind from the north we were all flying down with the tailwind to the turn and then regretting all the energy we had used as we struggled against the now brutal headwind.  With the wind so stong the times were all about 40 seconds slower than two weeks ago.

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6th June 2015 Surrey League Cyclopark – 3rds Only – 6th Place

1st race of the year for me this afternoon, had a busy week and not ridden since my aborted Brighton ride last saturday.
25 racers on the line for what was scheduled as 50 miles but turned out to be the usual 1 hour + 5 laps promoted by Danny Shane – Storck Racing.
Mostly single club riders apart from paceline, Maison du velo and Army CU who had 2 each.
My plan was to race conservatively and stay in the race as long as possible. The start was Fast and furious with quite a few riders trying to get away, I usually suffer with the pace in the first 20mins and today was no exception –  once I settled down and got more confidence and speed through the corners it was much easier. 1 nasty crash at the top hairpin 1st rider over-cooked it and went down 2nd man when over the top of him – I was 4th wheel and managed to get around it.
After about halfway I thought that no one would be able to get away so I sat in as much as possible. One group of 4 did get away for a few laps but didn’t get out of sight and eventually ran out of steam. The pace sort of dropped out in the last few laps, I wasn’t greatly positioned out of the last corner and was a bit late starting my sprint but I came past a few and missed out on 5th by 1/2 a wheel.  All in all happy with 6th place given where I am and onwards to 3rds only Surrey League road race at cutmill next week.

Full Result to Follow

6. Ashley Nunn    Addiscombe CC

Photo courtesy of Danny Shane – Storck Racing Facebook Page


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Surrey League H/capp 04/06/15

1st Dylan Thomas VC Meudon

2nd Andy Lack Paceline RT

3rd Dave Kennett Addiscombe CC

5th Steve Broomfield Addiscombe CC

Race report by Dave Kennett

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First Club 10 TT

The weather was amazing for ACC’s first club 10 of the season. It was bright with only a small amount of wind a perfect introduction for Justin and Lionel on their first ever TT’s.

The usual crowd was there (minus Rich who was busy winning at Palace) and as usual the atmosphere was friendy. The TT was won by Ant Meager (pro triathlete) with a time of 21:58 with a raft of respectable time set by the other riders. Tom Hawkes and Jonathan Pontin both set PBs.

Full results below, next TT is on 9th June with the first rider off at 7:41.

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4th cat race MK bowl – 24/05/2015

Ant McCoy tried his hand at the Milton Keynes bowl on Sunday. Report below.


Ended up signing up for this race in error – thinking it was at Hillingdon! The promotor is running a series, one of which is infact at Hillingdown, which is the nearest circuit to me. MK is a long way from South London…

When I couldn’t get in touch with the organiser to get a refund/withdrawl I decided I was going to drive up and try it anyway, as the circuit might suit me (fastish and flatish). There were 20-odd signed up online, so maybe a reasonable chance of actually picking up some points?

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Redhill promoted LVRC (Vets Race) – Crowhurst 24/05/2015

Dave Kennett 3rd place 45-49 category

Race report by Dave Kennett

Raced the Redhill promoted LVRC (Vets Race) on the Crowhurst circuit yesterday, 9 laps of a flat circuit. Keith Lea (former ACC member) attacked from the start gaining a short lead that was policed by 3 or so GS Vecchi riders  with the rest of the peleton happy to ride tempo. Things remained the same until Keith was finally brought back after a couple of laps solo – no one willing or able to join him. Then after 3 laps I  attacked up the drag on Crowhurst Road opening a gap and taking Philip Boarer from Blazing Saddles with me, after a short while we were also joined by Colin Roshier and started to work well and open a gap on the GS Vecchi lead peleton. I believe 4 of the GS Vecchi guys then attacked off the front of the peleton dragging Keith with them and bridged across to  us at the front. With 4 guys from the same team the last 2 laps were quite hard as they attacked and forced us to chase, elastic finally snapping just before the finish, with them managing a win in both the 45-49 and 50-54 categories, Keith placed 2nd ,and I was 3rd in the 45-49 category.

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Crits at the Park #4 23rd May 2015

1st Sean Warner Twickenham CC

2nd Ryan Bond Addiscombe Cycling Club

3rd Keir Sutton Dulwich Paragon CC

Ryan Bond was the only ACC entry in this field, having managed to stay with the peleton all together for the final sprint to the line Ryan went for a long sprint managed to get himself 2nd place.


Congratulations to Ryan on his first BC points.

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21/05/15 Surrey League Handicap Series #4 South Nutfield E/1/2/3

Full results soon

Race report by Rogan Redfam

Groups came together with half a lap to go – quite sketchy through the final km with a large field and lots of riders on the wrong side of the road. Marshalls were excellent. I was boxed by the time it really kicked off – Steve was strong and in a good position (that’s experience for you) and placed 9th (great ride Steve!) – I finished around 18th, I didn’t see George and Dave had a mechanical.
No incidents apart from some tire rubbing on the incline towards the sweeping left at the fly-over part. Good race!
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14/05/15 Surrey League Handicap Series #3 (Addiscombe CC) Newchapel E/1/2/3

1 Jesse Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
2 Liam Yates Catford CC Equipe/Banks
3 James Bradley Twickenham CC
9 Rogan Redfarn Addiscombe CC
12 Marek Siwicki Addiscombe CC
13 George Brent Addiscombe CC
Matthew Halvatzis Addiscombe CC Did not finish

Race report by Rogan Redfarn

I was in the front group with Marek and so that’s about as good as it gets – and there were 2 groups behind. One of the other guys who set out in the lead group was the eventual winner (I think) and was very strong.


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ACC racing – the season so far

ACC started of the 2015 road season with the strongest set of result and most racers for years.

Paul Hone opened the ACC points account with a well deserved 4th place in the Kingston Wheelers 3rd cat race on the 7th March. Having been in a few early breaks and with ACC always in the thick of the action eventually a break got away and held off till the end in some windy conditions.

Tom Hansell took a good win in a 4th cat race at the cyclopark on the 28th March, and followed that up with another win on the 6th April. This netted Tom 20 points and promotion to 3rd cat and big boy racing.

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Sunday Club Run GPX Files

We’ve added a new feature to support the Sunday Club Run!

If you head over to the Rides section of the Club Forum, then you’ll find that we are now publishing the routes as .gpx files, which you can download to your GPS device.

This new feature will help spread knowledge of the routes for those riding on the Sunday CR.

You’ll also find the calendar of rides planned until the end of 2014.  The calendar will be updated regularly.

All routes start and end at Nonna Rosa’s in Coulsdon.

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Uphill all the way

It’s October – which is hillclimb season.  What is a hillclimb? Well it’s a very short TT. Up a hill.

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Upcoming events

A couple of things in the near future which people might be interested in.

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Addiscombe CC Open 10 Mile Time Trial

Held on Saturday 30th August 2014

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Sunday Club Run is back

After a break from the start of 2014, the Sunday Club Run is back!

Rides will leave from Nonna Rosa’s cafe on Brighton Road, Coulsdon at 10:00.

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Riding the boards with my heart in my mouth

The club’s visit to Lee Valley Velodrome on 6th July 2014. Words and pictures below the fold.

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Nutfield City Limits – Interclub TT

Tuesday 1st July was the Interclub TT vs Norwood Paragon. See below the fold for how we got on and pictures.

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Newchapel Handicap Race 15th May

A good turnout of club volunteers to help at this one and a beautiful sunny evening for the racing. Great to see so many club members out again supporting local cycle racing.

Below the fold, some pictures.

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