Captain’s group

This is how we roll…

Hi, I’m Jon C – the Club Captain.

I’ve been with the Addiscombe for just over seven years and absolutely love it. This is a great club with a long and illustrious history but there isn’t anything fusty about the Addiscombe; we are a friendly, warm and welcoming club – we are not known as the Agreeables for nothing. We are, however, a cycling club and although we don’t want to put you off you need to be a certain standard to take part in the club run – if you can ride at an average of 15 mph for 40 miles you’re in – if you can’t why not join the fun, build your strength and confidence, and come along to our more gentle leisure rides.


We believe we have achieved the holy grail of clubruns i.e. appealing to all abilities/objectives in cycle sport whilst maintaining a totally inclusive ethos.

Our main goal has been to develop ACC as a club using the club run as a vehicle for growth and change, this has been achieved by constantly striving to give all and especially new riders an ‘Agreeable’ welcome and a positive cycling experience. The club run will always be a good work-out in a safe environment but most of all it is always be fun! Cycling can be perceived as an individual sport, however the ACC club run is always oozing with team camaraderie and positive enthusiasm, it’s something you just have to experience.

We meet at Coulsdon South train station at 9am every Saturday throughout the year, so please come along and introduce yourself to me, or in my absence one of my 20 or so Vice Captains (we all, well some of us do, wear an identifying WHITE ACC SHIRT). After a chat we can then suggest an appropriate ability group for your ride and introduce you to the group leader. We depart in eight groups (sometimes more) ranging from 15 to 20+ mph average speed, we also have a Training Group for those that want to get into racing.

We always have an alternative ride too for those of you that want something a bit different from the normal CR route. The alternative group heads out along the quiet lanes of Surrey and Kent to various cafe destinations. A little less ‘full on’ the group always waits at the top of climbs to regroup and rides at the pace of the slowest.

The faster you can ride the further you ride, so we all arrive at the mid-ride ACC cafe stop in Newdigate at similar times. There are various routes to the cafe and normally a hilly or fast flat ride back home to Coulsdon. During the ride you will develop your skills and fitness and learn the Agreeable club run etiquette, in the cafe you can mix with different groups to learn from the experience of seasoned riders. This is a huge social occasion and there is nothing quite like around 100 riders from one club in one cafe emitting 100 decibels of cyclospeak. On the ACC Club run you are never alone as there are always a handful of new riders each Saturday, so there are plenty of riders who, like you, are new to the club.

We believe we have the most successful clubrun in the UK for a generation but don’t take our word for it, come along and give us a try.

Best wishes and happy cycling

Jon C

email me at  if you’re thinking of coming along