The Aspirationals – intermediate group

Photo of Amy

“Having different speed groups on the club run is a great idea”

Hello, I’m Amy, one of the female riders out regularly with the Addiscombe.

I’ve loads of experience in club cycling, initially riding tandem with my Dad as a child, then graduating to solo riding in my early teens with my local Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) section. Addiscombe CC was really welcoming – and I became a vice-captain during my first summer with the club.

Having different speed groups on the club run is a great idea and one I’ve found really useful in developing and measuring my own performance. I started with the 15mph group, but as I’ve always been a strong rider on the longer, harder rides (often as the only female) with the CTC, I moved up to the the faster groups and, you never know, I might go even further (think there must be a bet on somewhere)…

But don’t worry, it isn’t all about being fast (though it’s good to give the blokes something to worry about!). It’s also about enjoying yourself on the bike and being more confident riding. So I’m more than happy to help beginners find their legs in the club and give advice on cycling in general. And being a girl, I know what works best for us girls!