The Training Group

Photo of GeorgeTake no prisoners!

Hi, I’m George. I’m a Vice Captain and love to race in the ACC colours: gold, black and white. You’ll usually find me either riding hard in the training group on the Saturday club run or at a local cycle race.

Saturday mornings is when all the ACC race team and fast boys (and girls) meet up for a blast down to the cafe. This is pretty much a no holds barred war of attrition for the next hour and a half – there’s no place to hide! Regularly we do through and off rotations on our route, this is great for honing your skills for bunch riding in road races. A lot of the time one or two of the stronger riders will start to dish out the pain by upping the pace on the front so everyone else is simply just holding on for dear life.

The training group is the only group on the club run where riders shelled out the back will get dropped. In other words make sure you know where the cafe is or train harder! On occasions the training group is actually faster than many a local road race, so if you fancy yourself as a racer then this training group is a must.

Time Trials are what I love to do, I enjoy the personal satisfaction involved in riding at my max against the clock. It is the race of truth. During the winter off season I ride cyclocross, where you get a great workout, get all dirty and muddy and generally have a good laugh with your mates.

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George, The Smiling Assassin