Wednesday Rides

If you’re free on a Wednesday morning and you fancy a much shorter ride than a regular Saturday or Sunday spin then this midweek group could be for you.

We meet on occasional Wednesday mornings at East Croydon Station (check forum for details) , much closer to the club’s official home of Addiscombe, it heads out towards Shirley and Addington where the riders navigate around some of the quietest country lanes in the area always making sure to stop at a friendly cafe for coffee and cake. Generally these rides will be pretty slow but always make it back by 1pm or earlier so that those blessed/burdened with jobs can get off to work for the afternoon.

You can expect five things on a Wednesday

  • The group will be made up of ‘interesting’ characters!
  • Someone, somewhere, will get off to walk up a hill!
  • You’ll hear jokes you haven’t heard before!
  • The cake in the cafe is always good!
  • If it’s raining a little bit everyone suddenly needs to stay in and do something in the dry!
You can find the group by the taxi rank at East Croydon Station most weeks – if you’ve got a regular road bike or you can manage a regular Saturday ride on a hybrid you’ll probably keep up fine.
Not just coffees!

Not just coffees!

Quiet country lanes

Quiet country lanes abound

Regrouping after struggling up a hill


The Wednesday lightweight mountain goats!

The Wednesday lightweight mountain goats!

Some of the quiet lanes near South London

Some of the quiet lanes near South London