If you enjoy riding fast but want to test yourself against the clock or against other riders then it might be time to look at bike racing.

On the road there are typically two types of races you might want to do – road races and time trials.

For road races think about a big bunch rolling along a country lane or closed road circuit at speeds in excess of 20 mph for at least an hour or so with you right in the middle of it.

For time trials think about getting a set of tri bars bolted onto your handlebars for that extra aerodynamic advantage and setting off at one minute intervals along fast smooth roads starting at just 10 mile long courses for your first events.

Addiscombe CC can help you get started with road racing, we run our own low pressure intro events and can also help you with training groups and advice on what events to enter and how to ride them.

We also race off road in cyclo cross and MTB events too.


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